Drooping and/or Sagging Upper Eyelids

Having drooping (ptosis) or sagging (dermatochalasis) upper eyelids can be due to a number of causes:

  • Age related
  • Damage to the eyelid
  • Muscle or nerve conditions
  • Severe health condition such as diabetes
  • Diseases of the nervous system such as myasthenia gravis
  • Damage to the third cranial nerve that controls the eyelids
  • A brain tumour
  • A stroke


42. dermatochalasis

Dermatochalasis means excess upper eyelid skin. It usually develops as you get older and experience loss of skin tone and changes to the fat pads of your eyelids. When the upper eyelid skin folds over on top of the eyelashes, the eyelashes bend downwards instead of upwards; this can cause your upper field of vision to be reduced and your eyes to feel heavy.

Blepharoplasty surgery

This is a simple surgery (blepharoplasty) that removes the excess skin. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic either in our clinic procedure room or in Day Surgery.


Ptosis refers to drooping of your upper lid where it often obscures your pupil and your upper field of vision. It usually develops as a part of aging. Occasionally it can occur in association with a nerve weakness or stroke or as part of a generalized muscle weakness. Often the ptosis appears as one-sided but commonly will affect both eyelids.

41. ptosis

Surgical treatment

Surgical repairs of a ptosis are performed either in our clinic rooms or in day surgery. The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic.