YAG Laser Capsulotomy

After cataract surgery it is very common to develop clouding of the lens capsule (called posterior capsule opacification). This clouding can occur several months or years after cataract surgery and can cause as much vision loss as the original cataract.

Luckily, a quick and painless laser treatment can be performed in our rooms to treat this condition. This is called a laser YAG capsulotomy.

The treatment is not necessary unless your vision is being seriously affected. You should consider YAG Laser only under the following conditions:

  • Vision problems are affecting your work or lifestyle
  • Glare caused by bright lights is a problem
  • You need to pass a vision test in order to get a driver’s license
  • You have double vision
  • You have a significant difference in vision between your two eyes

What can I expect during laser treatment?

Firstly we will need to dilate your pupils and apply topical anaesthetic eye drops. After the anaesthetic has had time to work, the laser will be used to cut a hole in the clouded back lining of the lens capsule. This allows light to pass through the membrane to reach the retina at the back of your eye. The procedure takes about 5 minutes.
You should not feel pain during or after the treatment and you should notice an improvement to your vision almost immediately (once the dilation has worn off).