Your Appointment

Your appointment time will be anything from one hour to three hours. This depends on many factors. Sometimes we are able to move you quite quickly through the clinic then at other times not. If you are seeing a retinal surgeon these appointments, are often longer. We suggest a 2 hour window as a guide.

In most instances both your pupils will be dilated, as this blurs your vision we advise you not to drive after your visit until your vision has returned to normal, this can take several hours. For those patients who will leave us with an eye patch, you must not drive yourself home.

You will be kept quite busy during your time with us. After you register with reception you will be ushered into a screening room, this is where we note your medical history, medications, allergies, family history & past eye issues. We then discuss the reason for your visit. Here too we do your vision test, intra-ocular pressures & dilate your pupils. Other tests may also be performed. Returning patients will have any updates to this information noted on your file. (We love a patient with an up-to-date medications list).

You will then be taken into imaging, OCT scans, coloured photographs, angle scans and other required investigations will be performed.

The doctor then assesses all the information and you will have your consultation.